Masked Comedy

Masked Comedy

An interactive, fast-paced, and humoristic show accompanied by masks, movement, and music.

The show introduces the audience to the history and use of various theater masks – the neutral mask, diverse character masks, and the whimsical masks of Commedia dell’arte. The actors quickly change characters and masks, unmask the secrets of the actor’s work, body language, and the world of theater – all in a series of scenes and segments of movement and music. Throughout the show, the audience is integrated in various improvized, funny scenes. Throughout the show, approximately 30 different masks are used, and the actor-lecturer explains all about the masks and the acting styles that developed from them. He even engages the audience in entertaining scenes.

An interactive, funny, and fast-paced show, accompanied by music. The actor seamlessly transitions between characters, unmasking the secrets of the actor’s craft, body language, and the world of theater.

The show is suitable for diverse audiences and is adapted for team-building and fun days.

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