A Minister’s Honor

A Minister’s Honor

A satire for adults in the style of Commedia dell’arte. Somewhere in the Roman kingdom, the Minister of War during peacetime aspires to become the next emperor. To achieve this goal, he must bring a child into the world within the coming year. This task is far from simple, as he faces his cunning and conniving assistant, a greedy hotel owner, a failed actress, and a young couple from an underdeveloped city. The play is inspired by Plautus’ “Miles Gloriosus” and is a satirical farce poking fun at government, power games, personal agendas, and ego all of which are present in the plot and on the stage, typical of the Commedia dell’arte tradition. In these turbulent times, where we are exposed to farce from every which way, this show provides a refreshing look at the circus we all live in and call ‘reality.’

Full video of the show

Writing and Direction: Barak Gonan | Artistic guidance and dramaturgy: haim Abud | Mask design: Einat Sanderovich | Costume and set design: Mirav Nethaniel Danon | Lighting design: Adi Shimroni | Actors: Rotem Nachmani/Ella Goffer Abud, Gal Shushan, Hila Gonen, Anatoly Shenfeld, Barak Gonen

Supported by EVE (Israeli Independent Artists Organization) and the Culture Administration.

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