The Miser, Now What?

The Miser, Now What?

Three actors, seven masks, pantomime, buffoonery, nonsense, great music, crazy humor, in the best tradition of Commedia dell’arte.
“There’s a problem! The show isn’t working, we have to make some changes!”, so declares the director on the opening night of Molière’s “The Miser.”

What’s the solution? Comedy!!! From here on end, the stage is overtaken by a theatrical fête that includes three actors, seven masks, virtuosic movement, great music and crazy humor, to provide a hilariously satirical persepective of current-day Israeli theater.

The show has successfully run approximately 500 times in Israel and abroad, marking its thirteenth anniversary!
It won the Golden Hedgehog Award for 2012 in the Supporting Actress category and was chosen by the Israeli Association of Performing Arts (EMI) to represent Israel at the Moldova International Chamber Fringe Festival, MOLDFEST (2013). In 2019, the play was translated into Arabic and performed at the Nazareth Fringe Center by its ensemble, directed by Haim Abud. It premiered at the 2019 Masrahid Festival in Acre.



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Written by: Barak Gonen | Director: Haim Abud | Actors: Barak Gonen, Ella Goffer Abud, Haim Abud | Masks: Yehudit Grinspan | Costumes: Mirav Nathaniel Danon | Musical Editing: Nadav Witzler | Artistic Advisor: Yoram Boker

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