The Other-siders

The Other-siders

A Commedia dell’arte comedy in rhymes for children.

In the city of “Redville,” everything is red, and there’s no room for any other color. So, what will the mayor, Baron Redamemnon, do with all the spots appearing on his body? What will his daughter, Redmonella, do when she falls in love with Bluelue from “Blunea” – the reds’ rival city? Will the residents of Redville truly get to know the “other-siders”? A children’s play in rhymes in the style of Commedia dell’arte, the Italian mask theater, incorporating physical humor, playful buffoonery segments, pantomime, and music, reinforcing the saying “Don’t judge a a book by its cover – or a city by its color.”


Full video of the show

Directed by: Haim Abud | Original play: Barak Gonan |Actors: Orit Peres, Ella Goffer Abud, Barak Gonan, Efrat Cohen, Haim Abud | Costumes: Mirav Nathaniel Danon | Wigs and props: Einat Sanderovich | Masks: Einat Sanderovich and Ella Goffer Abud Original music and songs: Dan Huppert | Vocal coaching: Hila Gonan | Dramaturgy: Shai Shabtai | Photography: Kfir Bolotin

Supported by the Culture Administration, EVE – Israeli Independent Artists Organization.

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