Italian Laugh-O-media for Children

Italian Laugh-O-media for Children

A children’s show that brings the wonderful world of Commedia dell’arte, the Italian mask theater, to young viewers.

A variety of beloved classic characters from Commedia dell’arte will be presented to the young audience, including Pantalone, the grumpy old miser; Harlequin, the good-hearted servant; Brighella, the glutton; Capitano, the arrogant captain; Colombina, the shrewd maid; Dottore, the learned doctor, and of course, Isabella and Lélio, the young lovers. The funny characters will present a variety of scenes from classical plays (Molière, Shakespeare, B. Shaw, and more) and, of course, improvised scenes involving the audience, in the tradition of Commedia dell’arte.

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Adapted and edited by: Barak Gonen, Ella Goffer Abud, Haim Abud

Direction: Haim Abud

Performed by: Barak Gonen/Haim Abud, Ella Goffer Abud/Orit Peres

Masks: Yehudit Grinspan

Costume design: Ella Goffer Abud

Music: Dan Huppert

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